LADY YAK Clutch Mongolia melange, black grey


Yak melange black grey jewel handle black, silver, grey, anthracite.
An exclusive piece of jewellery designed for an OMJ limited edition.
One of a kind, this fine Mongolian yak wool pochette is a luxury collector’s piece in which the glass details enhance the shades of the natural fibre. All of them realized in different shapes, each one with its matching jewellery handle.


Unique piece.

Material: Mongolia wool and bohemian crystals for the handle
Length: cm 30
Height: cm 28
Total height opened: cm 32
Jewel handle height: cm 52

Washing instructions: use a wide – toothed comb to brush.
The elements of the handle are handmade with nylon thread and mounted on a 7 mm steel cable.
All the materials used are certified and originating from the European community.

For further advice contact the designer.
Whatsapp: +39 3489342892

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