SOLE earring


This classical earring design uses the simple circle present in all the Omj collections. Essential in its shape it is not only an accessory but a touch of class!

Available in different colors.



“Sole” earring

Material: Bohemian crystals
Length: cm 4
Length worn: cm 4
Earring stud: metal nickel free.
Washing instructions: clean with a damp cloth.
The earring is handmade with nylon thread.
All the materials used are certified and originating from the European Community.

For further advice please contact the designer.
Whatsapp: +39 3489342892

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antracite / anthracite, argento / silver, azzurro / light blue, azzurro opaco / light blue matte, blu / blue, bronzo / bronze, fucsia opaco / fuchsia matte, lampone / raspberry, lampone opaco / raspberry matte, nero / black, nero opaco / black matte, oro / gold, rosa opaco / pink matte, turchese / turquoise, verde chiaro / light green, verde militare / military green, verde oliva / olive green

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