Jewels Designer

Orsola Mainardis became internationally known for her jewelry brand of the same name, today also entailing numerous trends.

Her career started 10 years ago in the field of women’s clothing, with the design of jewelry from original and refined materials: Murano glass and crystals.

Orsola, born in Venice, grew up with a passion for art, design & photography, and everything that expresses creativity. Here, in the heart of her hometown, Orsola opened her first studio at the be-ginning of her career’s decade. She developed new craftsmanship techniques that combine tradi-tional and modern working-methods and make it possible to experiment with unusual combinations of materials.

The collections of Orsola Mainardis are not intended to be worn day-by-day, they are much more intended for the days off and for vacation, for travel. For times when one is free from any heteron-omy, expressing it by this unusual elegance.

Orsola Mainardis does not provide all pieces for an entire ladies’ wardrobe, instead offers unique ones, each of which represents a world in itself that expresses individuality and taste, as in a Vene-tian painting. Orsola Mainardis is luxury, and at the same time the statement of an open attitude, relaxed, inde-pendent and personal.

The jewels are undoubtedly “beautiful” and valuable, yet again comfortable and simple. Jewelry and accessories, everything in the name of uniqueness, reaching out to the limits of a glance.

“Extrovert Luxury, in a Relaxed Way.”